Alumni Stories

"The MSc in Economic Theory enabled me to build strong foundations in theoretical economics and sharpen my analytical skills. Courses like Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance not only gave me insights on corporate strategy and business tools; they also set me up for success later in my MBA pursuit in one of the most competitive Ivy League schools. This course is highly recommended to students interested in a global career." - Anastasia R.




"I enjoyed a high-quality and ambitious course. The faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful. We gained a boarder view of the shipping Industry and worldwide practices as we were taught by internationally recognized Professors. Also, equipped with considerable knowledge, we were introduced to some of the best  companies and professionals in shipping thanks to the strong relationships of the University. The program challenged me to push my personal limits and prepared me for unpredictable ways in my career. It was a truly valuable educational experience." - Ana J.




"The programme was for me so much more than learning modern business tools/methodologies and getting ready to work in a truly global workplace. It was an environment which also encouraged me to take a step back and rethink my personal strengths, values and aspirations and design my future career accordingly." - Bozidar J. 





"I started the Master's degree with the aim of gaining knowledge about the strategic pillars of a modern business. Through the course offered, in combination with the high quality teaching by renowned professors in their field, I had the opportunity to enrich my background in economics by comparing the European reality and coming up with creative solutions to important economic issues. I can say with certainty that attending the program was a valuable educational experience and a very important resource for my professional career, fully on par with the high demands of the labor market." - Danai K. 




"I would characterize my year in the programme as productive and full..The extroversion of the Department played an important role. As students, we had the opportunity to get in touch with companies and professionals in the field, through visits and company presentations.. Contact with the external environment, the alumni association's initiatives, the pleasant everyday break from routine and an opportunity for common experiences with other program students all contributed to improved professional networking but also forming a more correct vision of the business envornment. Despite any challenges, really, I will recall for many years my postgraduate experience." - Igor B.





“Looking for a career change, the i-MBA equipped me with all I need to know to land a great job and grow professionally. Seven years later, I have worked in 5 countries and have gained valuable experience. From an English language teacher to a Strategy Manager!” - Milica R. 




"If I look back and think about my experience with the MSc in ISFM, I 'd say I would definitely do it again. Nothing more than this have given me a mix of academic knowledge and experience. I discovered new horizons while enhancing my soft and hard skills. Professors of each subject are well prepared and able to capture students' interests as well as capable of blooming ideas for further consideration and analysis. Finally, relationships are the fundamentals of business of these specific fields. Where better than this Master's could you forge such meaningful liaisons?" - Marco B.




“For me the impact of the i-MBA has never been limited to getting a better job, but it helped me a lot by improving my managerial & interpersonal skills; differences are marked even in skills such as stress management, scientific analysis & research, time management and ethical & strategic decision making process. On the other hand, AUEB’s i-MBA graduates are well equipped with presentation & research skills in addition to the skilled professors who were always there when needed. I consider getting i-MBA from AUEB one of the most important decisions I have ever taken, and a turning point in my career path.” - Mamdouh E. 




"Having finished Marketing and Communication, and wanting to combine business with sports, I chose the Master's in Services Management and what it provided me was worthy of my expectations. As a professional swimmer and member of the national team, I have always had self discipline, good time management skills and personal ambitions. After studying at MSM and the valuable advice of my instructors, I acquired high personal skills and values, maximum concentration and creative thinking, speed in decisions and reactions. But the most important thing is that this Master's degree, due to the specialization in individual subjects in the Organization and Management of Services, icovers jobs from all sectors of the economy." - Sofia K. 



"Having completed my studies in economics, I attended the Master's program in Business Mathematics to deepen my knowledge in math. But I also gained knowledge in fields close to the 'real' economy, such as accounting, business research and information technology. At the same time I learned more about products based on mathematical tools, such as life insurance and financial derivatives. and applied economic research." - Svetoslav D.  





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