Library Committee

The Library and Information Center (LIC) functions as a decentralized and independent service in the Athens University of Economics and Business. Its operation is supervised by the Head of the Library who is a member of the Teaching and Research staff. The Head of the Library is nominated by the University Council to a three-year term and the Library Committee.

The role of the Library Committee is, primarily, to function as a communication link between the Library and the academic community so that the Library can offer high quality services that support the educational and research needs of the academic community. It is comprised of the president of the committee who is the Head of the Library, a representative of the Teaching and Research staff from every department of the university (these representatives are nominated by the departments in their General Assemblies), a representative from the undergraduate program and a representative from the graduate program (both of whom have been proposed by their respective clubs), as well as the Chief Librarian who participates as a rapporteur. The Library Committee meets at least twice a year.

The members of the Library Committee currently are:

Head of the Library & President of the Library Committee: Ioannis Kottidis

Library Director: Christina Delioglou

Department of International and European Economics Studies: Pantelis Kammas

Department of Management Science and Technology: Ioannis Spanos

Department of Accounting and Finance: Georgia Siougle

Department of Marketing and Communication: Areti Gypali

Department of Economics: Yiannis Dendramis

Department of Business Administration: Panagiotis Lorentziadis

Department of Informatics: Paraskevas Bassalos

Department of Statistics: Nikolaos Demiris

Students' representative: -