Copying – Printing Services

Copying Services

The Library has two photocopiers that are available to users to copy printed material. One photocopier is in the Journals Department of the Library and the other is in the Reading Room.

The photocopiers operate with the use of special magnetic cards and print 68 photocopies which cost 2 (two) Euros. The card can be purchased at the circulation desk in the Reading Room of the Library.

Please note that the Library's photocopiers cannot be used to photocopy material which is not in the Library's collections. For example, the photocopiers cannot be used to photocopy personal notes, etc.


Printing Services

Users can print articles or scientific / academic information from the digital collections of the Library, using the printers that are available in the Library. Users cannot use the printers in the Library to print their personal projects or to print non-academic material from the Internet. The use of the printers is explained in the Rules for Using Electronic Equipment in the Library.

For each user, the printing of the first 10 pages is free of charge. For additional page after the first 10 pages, there is a charge of 0,03 euros. Payment is made upon receipt of the printed pages from a librarian in the Reading Room or in the Journals Department.

Finally, we remind users of the Library that, in accordance with the current law about intellectual property and related rights (N.2121/93 and amendments), it is strictly prohibited to photocopy, photograph or scan extensive excerpts from printed material. Users may copy only a small part of printed material for the exclusive use of the person who is doing the photocopying. Persons who are photographing, photocopying, or scanning printed material are fully responsible for complying with the relevant legislation. Breaches of that legislation are subject to severe penalties.