Research Books

Description of the collection
The collection of research books is the basic and largest collection of the AUEB Library. The collection is mostly in the English language. The enrichment of the collection is done systematically following proposals and suggestions from the academic staff of the university, so that the collection corresponds to the research requirements of the entire AUEB academic community. Additionally, the collection is enriched with relevant thematic donations The collection also includes PhD theses, essays, studies, reports, etc.

Labeling and availability of the collection
The collection is loaned according to the current borrowing rules of the Library. Some items are characterized as "reserved" with a yellow label and can be borrowed on a short-term basis for three days to meet the teaching requirements of specific courses.

Location of the collection
DDC: 000 - 331.999 (Study Room, 1st floor)
DDC: 332 - 999.999 (Books Department, 2nd floor)

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