Description of the collection
In the almost 100 years since AUEB was founded, the Library has collected a large number of scientific journals, mostly foreign-language. The journals are especially important for the research, teaching and development of the scientific fields that the University provides. The collection includes about 1,000 subscriptions, in printed format, in English, French, German, and Greek. For decades, these subscriptions were the body of scientific information and research for AUEB and for the broader academic community in the subjects of economics, commerce, business administration, marketing, accounting, management science, international and European studies, statistics, informatics, etc.
At the beginning of the decade 2000, the Library followed the developments in new technologies and gradually began replacing the printed journal titles with electronic subscriptions and databases. Today, users at the AUEB Library have access to more than 20,000 reputable and well-known electronic journals.

Availability of the collection
The journals are placed on the shelves alphabetically, by title, in the Journals Department. They can be used on-site only. They cannot be borrowed. Articles in the journals can be photocopied. Every year, all loose issues are bound together so that they can be managed more effectively.

Foreign-language journals
The volumes of foreign-language journals, dating from before 1985, are located in closed rolling stacks in the Information and Cultural Information Center. The use of these journals is governed by the same procedure that is in place for the closed stacks collections.
Please refer to the detailed alphabetical index of printed journals in the AUEB Library for more information about the journal titles that are in the Library's collection and for electronic access to these titles.

Greek journals
The Greek journals that are still being published are located in the same area as the foreign-language journals. The Greek journals form an autonomous collection that is enriched with purchases and with donations from publishing houses, governmental institutions and research organizations in Greece. The volumes of the Greek journals series that are no longer published are on the second floor; access is through an internal staircase in the Library's Journals Department. The latest issues of some Greek titles, such as Marketing Week, with current news and updates are located in the Study Room for the convenience of users.

Periodical publications from Greek and international organizations
Periodical publications from international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations are located on the second floor of the Journals Department in alphabetical order, by organization. The periodical publications of the Hellenic Statistical Authority - ELSTAT, the European Union EE and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD are located in the collections of the corresponding organizations as part of these collections.

Location of the collection
Journals Department, 1st floor

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