SSRN - Social Science Research Network

Name: SSRN - Social Science Research Network

SSRN, The Social Science Research Network, is a thematic repository of research papers in the field of Social Sciences. It offers:

  • A database that includes abstracts of research papers and published articles
  • A collection of full-text research papers

The AUEB Library offers AUEB members additional services on three networks (personal updates on new additions to the research, such as papers, conference announcements, new job openings, etc.)

  • Accounting Research Network (ARN)
  • Economics Research Network (ERN)
  • Financial Economics Network (FEN)

For more information

Training video for the use of the subscription networks

Subjects: Social Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Legislation, Administration, Information Systems, Marketing
Online Resource Type: Online thematic repository of research papers
Provider: Social Sciences Electronic Publishing, Inc
Availability: AUEB Library
Access Type:

Selected open source access (no authentication required).

Subscription for the ARN, ERN and FEN networks and access to additional services. (Registration and authentication required).