Name: Eur-Lex

The EUR-Lex portal offers free access to the law of the European Union, in the 24 official languages of the EU and specifically the following:

  • Official newspaper of the European Union
  • EU law (treaties, directives, regulations, decisions, EU consolidated legislation, etc.)
  • Preparatory actions (legislative proposals, reports, green and white papers, books, etc.)
  • EU case law (decisions, etc.)
  • International organizations
  • COM and JOIN documents
  • EZES documents
  • SEC or SWID documents
  • Simplified summary of EU legislation, incorporating legal actions in a political framework
  • Other public documents

Additionally, the EUR-Lex portal makes it possible to monitor the procedures for publication of legal actions.

Every document includes analytical metadata (references to the publication, dates, key words, etc) that are sorted in various tabs. The tab "Text" appears first by default. The tab "Document data" includes information related to the document (metadata). Other tabs may appear depending on the type of document (for example "Procedure", "Transfer to National Law", "Summary of Legislation", etc.).

Every document can be displayed in three languages simultaneously, at the most. The language that is displayed is the user's language.

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Subjects: European Union, Official newspaper of the EU, EU Institutions, European Law, European Legislation, European Case Law
Online resource type: Full-text online database
Provider: EU Publication Service (EUR-OP)
Availability: EU Publication Service (EUR-OP)
Frequency: Daily updates
Chronological coverage: 1951 to present
Languages: 24 official languages of the EU
Access type: Selected open-access source (authentication not required)