Retail Customer Experience Awards 2021 | 1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

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Retail Customer Experience Awards 2021

1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and the Athens University of Economics and Business are pleased to announce that the first phase of the "Retail Customer Experience Awards 2021" has been successfully completed.

The digital marathon presentation of the evaluations of the participations of hundreds of physical & digital stores by groups of seniors of the Athens University of Economics and Business took place with the participation of a special jury.

After a secret visit to the stores and an exhaustive analysis of the e-shops, the groups of students, following instructions and evaluation criteria set by AUEB’s Assistant Professors Ms Kalypso Karantinou and Mr Dimitris Drossos, presented the results, creating a strong impression to the members of the committee with their scientific, but also the commercial approach of the data and highlighted with substantiated evidence the physical and digital stores that qualified in the final phase of the competition.

The presentations were graded by the committee and the instructors, and the winners received symbolic gifts & certificate awards by the ACC. All participating students will be awarded a certificate of participation and their resumes will be promoted to the companies of ACC members.

The final phase winners will then be announced by a special awarding committee consisting of ACC & AUEB delegates, renowned professionals, and distinguished personalities. Afterwards, the awarded companies will receive honorary distinctions and awards in a special ceremony which will take place in the Spring as well as media promotion by the organizers.

On the completion of the first phase of the competition, ACC President Stavros Kafounis stated:

"I am happy that the goal was achieved, and I am proud that the Athens Chamber of Commerce has once again connected commercial enterprises with the education system. Those of us who watched the students of AUEB enthusiastically analyze the results, realized not only their need to get in touch with the real market, but also the absolute need for us, the entrepreneurs to draw on our young people’s scientific knowledge and innovative practices that will give commercial businesses the competitive advantage they need to stay in the game the day after the economic crisis and expand, offering new jobs that will keep our youth in the country. "

AUEB’s Rector, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, stated: "The implementation of important actions with the Athens Chamber of Commerce, as well as with other bodies and firms, is progressing successfully. Through these actions, AUEB’s students are given the opportunity to face real market issues, to gain unique experiences and to connect with organizations. I am proud of the quality of the work offered by AUEB’s teaching staff and students and I am happy for the University’s contribution to the real economy. AUEB’s process of extroversion continues and expands every day for the benefit of both students and economy’s ecosystem."

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Last updated: 21 February 2022