International Recognition & Rankings

The Athens University of Economics and Business has long been established in the academic community, and among students and the society, as a top Greek University in the scientific disciplines which it encompasses. At the international level, the unwavering strategic goal of the University is to actively participate in the international academic environment, to develop prestigious international collaborations, and overall to enhance its international impact and recognition through excellence in research and education. In keeping with these values, AUEB participates in numerous international organizations and international rankings of institutions of higher education, in order to improve the services it provides and to further strengthen its international standing and visibility.


Last updated: 17 January 2022


International Rankings


The following rankings originate from the most recent results announced by the respective organizations.

** Publications in all years


Scientific Subjects Ranking
Ranking Worldwide Europe Publication date
Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)
Business & Management 151-200 - 04-2024
Accounting & Finance 151-200 -
Economics & Econometrics 251-300 -
Sociology & Political Science 142 - 04-2024
U.S. News
Economics & Business 242 - 11-2022
CS Rankings
Computer Science  285 90 01-2024
Repec / IDEAS Rankings
Accounting & Auditing 176 - 12-2023
Agricultural Economics 252 - 12-2023
Banking 135 - 12-2023
Central Banking 237 - 12-2023
Corporate Finance 149 - 12-2023
Industrial Competition 116 - 12-2023
Economics of Strategic Management 263 - 12-2023
Central & Western Asia 259 - 12-2023
Dynamic General Equilibrium 124 - 12-2023
Econometrics 138 - 12-2023
European Economics 29 - 12-2023
Efficiency & Productivity 151 - 12-2023
Energy Economics 169 - 12-2023
Environmental Economics 115 - 12-2023
Econometric Time Series 72 - 12-2023
Financial Development & Growth 240   12-2023
Financial Markets 213 - 12-2023
Forecasting 62 - 12-2023
Business, Economic & Financial History 217 - 12-2023
Industrial Organization 106 - 12-2023
Law & Economics 169 - 12-2023
Macroeconomics 121   12-2023
Microeconomics 212 - 12-2023
Monetary Economics 199 - 12-2023
Operations Research 122 - 12-2023
Public Economics 184 - 12-2023
Positive Political Economics 113 - 12-2023
Public Finance 162 - 12-2023
Risk Management 99 - 12-2023
Small Business Management 113 - 12-2023
Tourism Economics 49 - 12-2023
Utility Models & Prospect Theory 169 - 12-2023
Master Programs Ranking Per Scientific Field*
* Respective scientific fields can be seen in the parenthesis

Ranking Worldwide Europe Publication date
Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)
MSc in Marketing & Communication (Marketing) 101+ - 10-2023
MSc in Business Anaytics (Business Analytics) 101+ -
Master in Business Administration (MBA Full Time) 111-120 39
MSc in Accounting & Finance (Finance) 121-130 - 10-2023
Master in Business Administration - ΜΒΑ International (International Trade Rankings) 111-120   12-2022
Executinve Master in Business Administration (Executive ΜΒΑ) 141-150   06-2022
Eduniversal Masters Rankings
MSc in Business Analytics (Business Intelligence & Strategy) 5 -  
MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (Maritime Management) 6 -  
MBA International (ΜΒΑ part-time) 6 -  
MSc in Data Science (Big Data Management) 12 -  
Master in Business Administration (ΜΒΑ part-time) 21 -  
MSc in Financial Management (Financial Markets) - 33  
MSc in Public Policy and Management (Public Administration / Management) - 7 10-2022
MSc in Services Management (General Management) - 5
MSc in Human Resource Management (Human Resources Management) - 17
MSc in Data Science (Data Analytics) - 10
MSc in Computer Scinece (Information Systems Management) - 13
MSc in Management Science and Technology (Ε-Business & Digital Marketing) - 12
Master in Business Administration (ΜΒΑ full time) - 23
Executive MBA (Executive MBA)  - 20
MSc in Accounting and Finance (Accounting ) - 25
MSc in Economics with specialisation in Economic Theory (Economics) - 18
MSc in Marketing & Communication with international orientation (Marketing) - 27
MSc Marketing & Communication (Corporate Communications) - 25
University Ranking
Ranking Worldwide Europe Publication date
Business School Ranking Τοp 300: 4 Palmes - 11-2023
CEOWORLD Magazine Rankings
World Best Business Schools 78 - 02-2024
Repec / IDEAS Rankings
Top Economic Institutions** 195 - 12-2023
Department Ranking
Ranking Worldwide Europe Publication date
Repec / IDEAS Rankings
Top European Economics Departments (Department of Economics) 317 137 12-2023
Top European Economics Departments (Department of International & European Economic Studies) - 180 12-2023
Top Financial Economics & Finance Departments (Department of Accounting and Finance) 66 - 12-2023


Participation in International Organizations and Networks

The Athens University of Economics and Business is the first Public University in Greece to receive an Excellence Award, according to the globally recognized model of Excellence EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management).
EFQM 4 star certification 2012, 2016,2019



Member since 2019

The primary aim of Balkan Universities Association (BUA) is to define a leading vision for the future through the universities, the libraries, the research centers in Balkan region on the base of common global values by considering the necessities of the time. More specifically, BUA has the following objectives:

  • To improve an intercultural dialogue considering the importance of the region
  • To form lasting and solid scientific cooperation from the past to the future
  • To make joint scientific studies, researches and innovation works.
  • To organize common cultural, artistic and sportive activities
  • To organize exchange programs for academic staff (such as Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programs)
  • To organize exchange programs for students (such as Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programs)
  • To organize joint diploma programs
  • To form a communication network which will enable to exchange of knowledge among academicians

More information:


Member since 2013

United Nations Global Compact - The "Universal Pact" was established in July 2000 and is a framework that calls on companies to align their operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, working conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption. The "Ecumenical Pact" is: 
A voluntary initiative to promote sustainable development and corporate responsibility,
A set of principles based on universally accepted values,
A network of companies and other interested members,
A forum for learning and sharing experiences.
The Global Compact Academic Network includes University Institutions such as colleges and business schools, but also smaller units such as University Departments and Research Centers. The participation of Academic Institutions in the "Ecumenical Pact" is a widely visible commitment to the 10 principles of the initiative.
The Athens University of Economics and Business has been participating in the "Ecumenical Pact" since March 2013 and is encouraged to support the initiative in one and / or more of the following ways:
Training in matters related to the "Ecumenical Pact",
Applied research and leadership on the "Ecumenical Pact",
Dissemination of the principles of the "Ecumenical Pact",
Providing support to companies that are participants in the "Universal Pact",
Lending capacity for local networks and the "Ecumenical Pact" Office.
It is worth mentioning that the Postgraduate Program International MBA and the Department of Management Science and Technology are also participants in the initiative from 2006 and 2007 respectively. 


 Member since: 2010


Member since: 1991

The European University Association (EUA) represents more than 800 universities and national rectors’ conferences in 48 European countries. EUA plays a crucial role in the Bologna Process and in influencing EU policies on higher education, research and innovation. Through continuous interaction with a range of other European and international organisations, EUA ensures that the independent voice of European universities is heard.


1000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries in 9 geographical zones : Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia & the Middle East, Far East Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania, Western Europe

Official Selection of the Best Business Schools in Greece   4 PALMES OF EXCELLENCE

Top Business School with Significant  International Influence:   Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) - School of Business




Rank Position in Palmes’ League :     1

Deans’ Recommendation : 228 ‰





Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region

Member since: 1997



Higher Education and Research in Management of European universitieS


Member since: 2011