Doctoral Studies

AUEB doctoral study programs offer graduates the opportunity to continue with further study after the acquisition of a Master’s degree, in order to earn a PhD. Doctoral studies aim to produce high-level scientific research – with emphasis on scientific publications – and to create scientists capable of contributing to the advancement of science. Our doctoral programmes prepare graduates for careers in academia, industry and the Government in Greece and abroad. At the same time, doctoral programs are sources of academic prestige and international recognition for both Departments and University.

Doctoral Programs offer specialization in the core areas of expertise of each Department, as well as in related fields. Doctoral studies are governed by the relevant Regulation of each AUEB Department; all Departmental Regulations have been officially published online in the Government Gazette.


Holders of Master’s degrees from Greek Higher Education Institutions, or from international Institutions which have been recognized as equivalent to Greek degrees, are entitled to submit an application for doctoral studies. Under special circumstances, which are specified in the Regulations for Doctoral Studies, an individual who does not hold a Master’s degree may be accepted as a doctoral candidate.

Each Department issues its own Doctoral Studies Regulations, which include all information regarding the time frame for submitting an application; required supporting documents; the procedure for evaluating applications; rights and obligations of doctoral candidates; supervision of the Ph.D. thesis; the completion of doctoral studies, and other relevant information.

For more information on a specific doctoral program, please consult the relevant departmental website:


Last updated: 8 January 2021