Department of Economics

The Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business is the oldest in the area of Economics in Greece. It was founded in 1955 when the Athens School of Economics and Business was divided into two Departments: Economics and Business Administration. The first degrees in Economics were awarded in 1959. The Department has initiated the Master's and PhD programmes in Economics in 1973, and 1990 respectively. The first MA and PhD degrees were awarded in 1979 and 1993 respectively.

In a recent issue of the European Economic Review, the Department of Economics has been classified among the best in economic research in Europe. In recent years, faculty members of the Department have been invited to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Economics by the Swedish Academy of Sciences. The program of studies offers 3 specializations. The graduates of the Department find employment in the private and public sector of the Economy. Moreover, a good number of graduates have served in various professional ranks in Greek and foreign Universities.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department offers the MSc Program in the Economics, MSc in Applied Economics and Finance, MSc in Finance and Banking and the Doctoral Program in Economics. Also, the Department supports the MSc in Public Policy and Management.

Faculty of the department


Alogoskoufis Georgios
Gatsios Konstantine
Katsoulacos Ioannis
Kollintzas Trifon
Kyriazidou Aikaterini
Louri Eleni
Palivos Theodoros
Philippopoulos Apostolos
Sakellaris Plutarchos
Tsionas Efthimios
Tzavalis Elias
Vettas Nikolaos
Vlachou Andriana

Associate Professors

Pepelasis Ioanna - Sapfo
Sapountzoglou Gerassimos
Vasilatos Evangelos

Professors Emeritus

Baltas Nicholas
Bitros Georgios
Dimopoulos Georgios
Drandakis Emmanouil
Korliras Panagiotis
Leventakis Ioannis
Lianos Theodoros
Pournarakis Efthimios
Prodromidis Kyprianos
Theocharis Riginos

Assistant Professors

Arvanitis Stilianos
Caraveli Eleni
Genakos Christos
Miaouli Anastasia
Pagkratis Spyridon
Zaharias Eleftherios

Scientific Collaborators

Chatzicharitou Eleni

Chairman: Louri Eleni
Deputy Chairman: Palivos Theodoros
Secretariat: Sigourou Flora
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